Take over the volatility

The cryptocurrency market faced with the incremental challenge: while cryptocurrencies are convenient as a means of speculation, they are entirely unsuccessful as a means of payment and volatility is responsible for it. We decided to change game rules.

Meet Minexcoin or simple MNX, a low volatility cryptocurrency that will swap a meaning of payments systems. We connected both the financial and blockchain worlds and got a unique solution that can fix critical crypto-challenges.

It’s sustained
Minexcoin is the first cryptocurrency that handles its volatility by rewarding own holders.
It’s secure
Only you control your funds in personal wallet developed with advanced security technologies.
It’s scalable
Minexcoin transaction fee starts at 0.00000192 MNX. It, therefore, enables you to trade, sell or buy anything without overpayment.
It’s fast
Supported by miners all over the world MNX blockchain provides a high transaction speed. On average, it takes 0.436 seconds per transaction.
Get it on the exchange
You can buy MNX on one of exchanges where we’re listing.
Mine it
Join to one of mining pools that support MNX.

Join economically based project

Designed on economic analysis and bank experts calculations, MNX is a progressive growth coin. It’s equally useful for mid- or long-term investments when your assets are turning into real passive incomes. Choose a convenient way to get your first Minexcoin.

Minex Bank

Start Parking instead of just Holding

To stabilize the price MNX uses an autonomous intelligent algorithm called MinexBank. Along with different proven financial instruments, it uses “Parking” - a tool that offers every MNX holder to receive interest payment instead of selling or bringing MNX to the market. What is more, your parking funds remain in your wallet.

Go to Minexbank

All you need for smooth start

MNX Wallet
A safe app to store, send and receive Minexcoin.
MinexBank Apps
Enjoy and manage your parking whenever and wherever with our mobile app.
MNX Explorer
A web-tool with a detailed MNX blockchain statistics.
Get the complete picture of problem analysis and proposed solutions based on MNX blockchain technology.

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