What is Minexcoin?

Tame the volatility

Cryptocurrencies as a whole still face an intriguing challenge: though some do well trading 'coins and tokens' speculatively, why is it that cryptocurrencies have been unsuccessful as a means of payment for goods and services? The answer is volatility. We decided to change the game rules

Meet Minexcoin, or simply MNX: a low volatility cryptocurrency that brings sweeping changes to current payment systems. We connected the financial and blockchain worlds to create a unique solution to solve critical crypto-challenges.

Minexcoin is the first cryptocurrency that smoothes volatility by rewarding own holders.
Funds remain in full control in a personal wallet, protected and encrypted using advanced security technology.
Minexcoin transaction fees start at 0.00000192 MNX. Buy, sell or trade anything without fear of overpayment.
Supported by miners worldwide, MNX blockchain operates with high transaction speeds. On average transactions take 0.436 seconds, which enable real-world use.
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Our integrated financial ecosystem is based on financial world best practices,cutting-edge technology and fueled by Minexcoin cryptocurrency. The model is designedto create sustainable demand and ensure that Minexcoin becomes the base currency asa necessity for the global economy. Choose a convenient way to get your first Minexcoin.

Use technological superiority

Implementation of the Atomic Swap protocol to the MNX blockchain allows for the exchange of crypto-assets between different blockchains more quickly and reliably – without involving 3rd parties (i.e. centralized exchanges or online exchangers). Get acquainted with the cross-chain technology, and explore our user-friendly graphical interface to test it.

Alpha Exchanger
A convenient way to test MNX/BTC atomic exchange.
MNX Atomic Swap
Learn more about MNX/BTC cross-chain exchange processes.
Minex Bank

Don't Hold... Park!

Want to be paid for doing your part? Now it gets interesting! To stabilize the price MNX uses an autonomous intelligent algorithm called MinexBank. Along with other proven financial instruments, it uses “Parking” – a tool that allows every MNX holder to elect interest payments in lieu of selling or bringing MNX to the market. Even better, parked funds always remain safe in your encrypted wallet.

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All you need for smooth start

MNX Wallet
A safe app to store, send and receive Minexcoin.
MinexBank Apps
Enjoy and manage your parking, whenever and wherever, with our mobile app.
MNX Explorer
A web-based tool with detailed MNX blockchain statistics.
Get the full picture! Problem analysis with proposed solutions, using MNX blockchain technology.

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